I started sketchnoting during 2017 when I discovered that I could take notes the way that motivates me and also makes me learn more effectively. I also doodled at work so it became a good habit also. Back then I used only notebooks for my sketchnotes so there were no place for updates or corrections after the job was done. I learnt to accept what I got, not focusing on perfection. I also thought that whatever I sketch, I share it publicly, either on my Facebook feed, forums where I was a member or Instagram.

Examples of my sketches

I have added some of sketches in my Notion page. Topics vary from animal training to IT.

CHATTcon 2021 – The Convergence of Human & Animal Training and Technology, 2021

Sketcnotes for the whole conference, including total 13 sketchnotes.

Screenshot from the event page:

“This Is Not a Webinar”, 2021

Clicker Expo Live, 2021

“Mindset” book by Carol Dweck

Got interested?

If you are interested in getting some personal and unique sketchnotes from your event (seminar, conference, course), feel free to contact me via email or by sending me DM via Facebook or Instagram.


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